Sustainability on Site

Recycling Center

CompostThis is where we collect all of the recyclable materials to be transferred to the local recycling department. We recycle as much as we can: plastics, glass, cardboard and tin/aluminum. A service opportunity is to help load the van and take it off site to the next station.


Campers point out that the cabins are very green- both inside and out! There is no electricity! (Where the camp does use electricity, we proudly install CFLs or fluorescent lightbulbs only.)

Composting Bin

Built by Summer 2010 Westminster Service Corps, this bin contains all of our non-dairy and non-meat kitchen scraps. It is used to fertilize our plants and gardens.

Utensils, Plates, Cups Made from Compostable Materials

We are proud to use disposable plates, napkins and toilet paper made from bagasse- a byproduct of sugarcane refining that would otherwise be wasted. They decompose within days (in a commercial composter). Our cups and silverware are made from cornstarch. We only use these products once a week- at our camp-wide cookout- and it provides an excellent opportunity to educate the campers about how we can be good stewards.

Re-use materials

Yurt Crate = Playhouse: The shipping crate that contained our first yurt was a great opportunity to create a playhouse for our younger campers. Check out pictures of this artwork on our page on Facebook!

Arts and Scraps: We try to reuse as many craft materials that would otherwise end up in the trash, thereby keeping costs of camp down and providing opportunities for creative crafts! Campers loved recycling jeans into purses, bags, and cell phone holders (plus they learned how to sew!).


View photos of preserved buildings.

Preservation of Buildings

  • Bath House becomes Male Counselor Housing
  • Greenie becomes Camp Store
  • Greenie becomes Guest House

View photos of preserved buildings on site.

Preserving the Shoreline

Camp Westminster benefited from a grant to install biologs (we provided the labor) to protect the eroding shoreline and the plants and trees alongside it. We received an award from the Higgins Lake Property Owners Association (

Preserving the Environment While Building

We aim to build new buildings among the trees and surrounding environment. Each building is carefully planned so that the existing environment remains intact.