Mission Groups

Short-term missions at Camp Westminster

Mission Trips

Here at Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake we offer short term Christian missions in Michigan. We are now seeking groups who want to serve. A mission involves the spreading of Christianity and humanitarian aid, most often to the poor and disadvantaged. A short-term mission experience will change your (or your group’s) perspective on the world. You will sense the need of real people. Statistics become people with names. You will also see how God is touching these very people. You will be able to see how you can make a difference on meeting significant needs (like helping keep Camp Westminster going). Short-term missions boost the vision of the local church; it is one thing to hear about a missionary’s experience- it is another to go and experience it yourself. Come join us at Camp Westminster and participate in a Short Term Missions in Michigan this summer. During the mission, you might discover something fresh about Jesus. You may come to know a world-sized God offering you a world-sized part in Gods plan. Live for a purpose larger than yourself- come work at Camp Westminster for a weekend, a week or longer!