Kids Against Hunger

kids against hunger

Since 2013, Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake has focused its humanitarian efforts on feeding the needy children in our local communities and reducing the number of starving children around the world. Operating out of the Dining Hall on the shores of Higgins Lake, we’ve assembled campers, staff, parents, alumni, and members of the community to package over 30,000 meals for those who desperately need it.

The friendship we’ve made with the West Branch, MI satellite operation of Kids Against Hunger has enriched the mission of Camp Westminster and allowed those who participate in the program to become educated about the sincere problem of hunger here in the USA and in developing countries.

The program typically starts with participants watching a short video presentation concerning the mission of the Kids Against Hunger program as well as what areas of the world their meals will be delivered to. After the presentation, everyone files into the Dining Hall where the tables are rearranged in a production line format that Henry Ford would be proud of. Throughout the meal packaging process, campers and participants are in high spirits with musical accompaniment, crazy songs, energizer dances, and chants. When the final target of 10,000 meals has been reached, there is a collective cheer and exchanging of high-fives as everyone reflects on the wonderful effort that has been made to ensure hunger becomes a problem of the past.

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