Why come to Camp Westminster?

What is the work camp opportunity all about?

Kids Against Hunger

A work camp is an exciting, engaging, active experience in which faith is put into action.

Participation in a work camp offers you and your church group a chance to give your time and talents to learn, share, worship, and serve as a partner with Camp Westminster.

Camp Westminster is a part of the outreach and education program of Westminster Church. It embodies the intense commitment of the congregation to service in the community. This commitment presents the Church and Camp Westminster a boundless opportunity for continuing a historic ministry to the diverse youth of the community. It projects a ministry of caring and healing to a community in great need of alternatives to separation, rejection, violence, and loss of hope.

With congregational resources fully deployed in major programs of ministry to its people and in the local community, the Camp must leverage the leadership and structure that it receives from the church with additional outside funding, and provide the maximum number of camperships through that means. Annual campership assistance is at $40,000. Campers are waiting to use every available dollar of campership funds. Attendance figures are determined by the availability of these funds. The at-risk youth most in need of camping experience rarely can be self-funded. These youth abound to fill the camp if assistance is available.

We must expand our efforts to reach the youth in our vicinity already identified as at-risk. We know that almost 1,000 pre-schoolers are in our zip code area alone. A slightly larger area contains 1,200 at-risk four year olds. Camp Westminster reaches out to the camp-age siblings in these families. They are greatly in need of interpersonal growth experiences and the traditional camp activities that are integral to the program. The schedule provides for over 700 campers in seven day sessions or fourteen day sessions. Many families will need financial assistance.

We are further leveraging our resources through in-kind donation of labor by work groups from various states who will travel to the camp during the camping season, self-funded, and perform needed repairs and planned property maintenance and improvement programs.

For more information about workcamps at Camp Westminster, please call Suzanne Bates, director at 313.341.8969 or email info@campwestminster.com.

View the Mission Trip and Work Camp Brochure for more information!