LabyrinthCamp Westminster’s labyrinth is truly unique. Located at the western end of camp, it is secluded among a ring of mature trees, not far from the water. The design is patterned after a labyrinth found in the floor of the great cathedral in Chartres, France. However, the labyrinth at camp has a strong tree centrally located which points the user’s eyes upwards, as well as serving as an anchor for the circular design. Covered in wood chips and laid out lovingly and painstakingly with rocks collected from the property and lake, the labyrinth is used consistently by visitors of all ages.



The labyrinth offers us a way to center ourselves spiritually and open ourselves to God. It is a symbolic pilgrimage. Traditionally, people walk along the path of the labyrinth while slowly making their way towards the center. The walk is a slow, meditative, and prayerful walk. Differing from a maze (which has dead-ends that block the path completely), the labyrinth is composed of one path, always leading to the center, and back out again. A guidebook is available to help direct the user’s thoughts and prayers while walking the Camp Westminster labyrinth.

Download and print the labyrinth guidebook. Guidebooks are also available at the labyrinth entrance.