Lighthouse Climb

ClimberThe Camp Westminster Lighthouse Climb is a 35-foot tall lighthouse, seated on the shores of Higgins Lake. While the lighthouse evokes images of stability, wayfinding and security, this lighthouse also presents a challenge.

Three of the four walls have been designed as climbing surfaces, each presenting a different level of difficulty. Handgrips and footholds are spaced along the surface and once the climber reaches the top, we promise an astounding view out over the lake! In addition, the Lighthouse Climb offers space for a small group meeting at the top.

Again, safety is our first priority. Each climbing participant must wear a safety harness, helmet and is belayed by a trained facilitator on the ground below.

Please contact us today to request pricing and retreat options information. The Lighthouse Climb is available throughout the year, except in the most inclement weather. It may be reserved for a half-day, full day, or in combination with Camp Westminster’s ropes courses, food service program and overnight accommodations.