Team Challenge/High Ropes Courses

High RopesThe Camp Westminster High Ropes Course consists of wooden platforms and rope obstacles securely anchored to mature trees with taut steel cable connecting the 30-feet high course.

Led by a trained facilitator, participants of all ages negotiate the challenging course elements, thus sharpening one’s self-confidence and self-awareness. Perceived limitations quickly become accomplishments or success. Finally, a 200-foot zip line takes the participant on a exciting ride from the final element to a controlled stop in about 20 seconds.

Again, safety is our highest priority. Each High Ropes participant uses a safety harness, helmet, and slings.

The Team Challenge Course (elements on the ground) encourages groups to work together using both verbal and nonverbal communication. Solving each challenge and debriefing afterward gives the group a chance to listen to one another, develop leadership skills and apply the experience to real life situations. This type of experiential learning has proved to be beneficial to any type of team- corporate, church youth groups, campers in cabins, office colleagues, church leaders and more!

Group Initiatives at Camp Westminster

Please contact us today to request pricing and information. The High Ropes and Team Challenge Courses are available throughout the year, except in the most inclement weather. These courses can be reserved for a half-day, full day, or in combination with Camp Westminster’s food service program and overnight accommodations.