Choosing a Camp session for your Child

“So,” you ask, “how do I pick the best option for my child?”

  • First of all, has your child attended camp before?
  • Think about what your child enjoys: water time, land sports, high adventure challenges, nature exploration, music, and acting/drama, cooking over a fire, making things?
  • Are you looking for a one-week session or two weeks of camp?

The good news: most sessions of camp include a little bit of everything Camp Westminster has to offer!

Check out our summer schedule

Here are some suggested paths for your camper to follow, in subsequent summers:

IMG_1176Completed Grades 1-5: If your child wants to try everything:

All Ages: If your child loves to camp out, cook their own food, and hike: (Please note that expeditions are offered on a rotation and many not be available every year. Check out our summer schedule for availability.)

All Ages: If your child wants to play lots of sports and is very active:IMG_7868

All Ages: What if my child wants to be a camp counselor someday? (We hear this often!)

It is not mandatory to complete Radical Faith before Radical Leadership or Radical Service. If your camper can sail, go on an out trip or climb- encourage them to do it! We need leaders with these skills!

All Ages: What if my child has food allergies or sensitivities?
While Camp Westminster is nut-restricted all year long campers with food allergies or sensitivities are encouraged to consider our Free to Be week of camp. This week the entire menu is designed to accommodate those with Celiac Disease or who are sensitive to gluten, milk/casein, soy or tree nuts.

  • Free To Be: Camp with an allergen-free diet (completed grades 1-5, 6-9)

Take a look at our photo gallery to see what Westminster looks like in the summer