Expedition & Out Trip

Does your camper need to develop confidence & skills at camp before going on an expedition? Pioneer Heritage  and Campfire Cafe are excellent choices to prepare your child for future expeditions!

All trips are offered on a rotating basis. See the summer schedule for expeditions offered this camp season.

Trip Level I 

Skill requirements: Basic outdoor living skills

Rock Climbing

This level is an introduction to Camp Westminster expeditions. Campers will learn to pack, set up tents, and help prepare food to cook over a campfire. A base camp will be established where campers will sleep in tents. From the base camp, participants will hike to day trip destinations without packs.

South Manitou Island ExpeditionRocks & Ropes, Northern Michigan Lighthouse Tour, UP Expedition: Tahquamenon Falls

Trip Level II 

Skill requirements: Intermediate outdoor living skills

This level is for intermediate hikers. Campers should be willing and able to hike multiple miles with full packs. Participants will help prepare food for the community with guidance from leaders. Filtered water, light weight meals, sleeping in tents and general outdoor living skills are staples of these trips.

UP Expedition: Pictured Rocks, The Au Sable Paddle Saddle Challenege, Ultimate Rocks & Ropes

Trip Level III

Skill requirements: Advanced outdoor living skills.

This level is for experienced hikers or climbers. All participants must be willing and able to hike ten miles in one day with full packs. Multiple locations along rugged trails are part of this experience. Here, the “pack it in-pack it out” philosophy is in effect. All participants should have experience in outdoor living skills. Physical fitness and mental toughness are essential.

Isle Royale National Park

Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin Expedition, Isle Royale National Park Expedition


Please note some expeditions are offered on a rotating basis.