Free To Be Camp: Camp Westminster with an allergen-free diet!

Food Allergies/Sensitivities/Restrictions

Have you hoped your child would have the opportunity to learn and grow in a summer camp environment? This can be difficult, even impossible, if your child has food related health issues.

Whether your child has food allergies, sensitivities, or intolerances, we can meet their needs. Camp Westminster has served almost every dietary need. Food preparation will be handled by staff with experience in preparing food for children with special dietary needs. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Is your camp kitchen always gluten and casein free? How will you prepare the kitchen?

The camp kitchen is not gluten and casein free year round. Prior to the start of camp, the kitchen will be thoroughly cleaned in an effort to prevent cross contamination from wheat flour dust on shelving, counters, and storage areas. New containers of staple foods will be used for GFCF campers. Clean up will be supervised by people familiar with food related health issues.


Who will be cooking? What is their experience with special food preparation?

Our cook has experience handling food related health issues and training in food sensitivities. If you have any food related camp questions, please contact the camp office and we will ensure your camper’s needs are addressed.

Our family is gluten free, but we drink milk. What choices will my child have to drink at camp?

We understand that not everyone attending this camp avoids milk. The following milk choices will be available: Cow’s milk, Soy milk, Rice milk, Almond milk, and potato based Dari Free. Please make sure you fill out the food questionnaire (part of the online registration process) for each camper you are sending to assist us in our planning. This will also help us answer your child’s questions regarding their options. We request that the food questionnaire is filled out by May 1.

Can you accommodate food sensitivities in addition to gluten and casein?

Yes! We have experience with a wide variety of food sensitivities, allergies and/or intolerances. Contact us to discuss your individual situation, and we’ll see what we can do.

What foods will you be serving?

The menu will include many camp favorites, minus your child’s food allergen or food that they need to avoid.

Can you accommodate children with special needs, such as autism?

Camp Westminster is a mainstream church camp. At this time, we are not able to provide for special needs- either physical, emotional, or mental. Any child registered should be able to participate in camp activities without specialized assistance. If you have questions about whether or not Camp Westminster will be a good fit for your child, contact the camp office at 313.341.8969 or email

How will my child’s health needs be cared for?

There will be a Registered Nurse on call 24/7 and a trained Health Officer on site at all times.

How do you manage children with food allergies?

We are a nut-restricted camp all summer. For campers that need to avoid any of the other top 8 food allergens, please register for Free To Be camp or call us so we can discuss your camper’s specific needs and determine if it would be safe for them to attend.

We can’t wait to have your child join us at camp this summer! Please register and complete the food questionnaire by May 1 so that we may adequately prepare for each individual camper.

Call the camp office at 313.341.8969.