How to Pay For Camp

We want to enable any child or youth who wants to come to camp to do so — regardless of financial ability or uncertainty. Please contact the camp office 313-341-8969 if you have any questions.

Tiered Pricing

Summer camp has great value in the life of a child. Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake is also a great value! Tiered Pricing is intended to help families recognize how much a week at camp costs and then select the level of payment that is most appropriate for their circumstances. Families may freely choose to participate at the Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 level. For those families who cannot afford Tier 1, additional financial assistance is available to ensure that all children have the wonderful opportunity to attend camp. Every child will receive the exact same camp experience regardless of the level that is chosen.

What’s With the Three Tiers?


Every effort is made to keep the Camp Fee as low as possible. At this level every camper’s fee is subsidized by generous donations and does not reflect the true cost of operating summer camp programs. We are glad to offer Tier 1 because it helps to keep camp affordable for as many families as possible.


Tier 2 is our partially subsidized fee for those who can pay a little more but still cannot afford the actual cost of camp. Electing to pay the Tier 2 price helps cover more of the cost of your child’s summer camp experience.


God grants to every family differing stewardship opportunities. Families electing to pay Tier 3 are able to cover the actual costs of camp including food and supplies, insurance, facilities upkeep, and summer staff salaries and expenses.

Again, this program is discretionary. The pricing option a family chooses remains confidential and in no way influences the experience their children receive. Tiered pricing offers the opportunity for families to take an active role in supporting the true cost of their child’s camp experience.


  • Pay in full by the dates specified on the Summer Camp Schedule to get the best deal on camp.
  • Are you a Westminster Church of Detroit member? Each camper receives a $35 discount per session. Please contact us for the coupon code.
  • Like Camp Westminster on Facebook! Watch for deals and special offers!
  • Bring a friend who has never attended Camp Westminster before and you will receive $50 off your total camp fee. [Please note: This offer applies to overnight child/youth camps only. Offer only good if new friend has never attended Camp Westminster as a camper. Promotion unlimited- bring a whole cabin of friends and come to camp free! Please contact us for coupon code.]

Your church or Presbytery

  • Just ask! There are many churches that provide a portion of camper fees. There may be money that has not been used!

Payment Plans

  • We can work with your financial situation. We have done it before! Please email or phone us to set up a payment plan in your online registration account. No problem.

Promise Plan

  • We have worked with families in all situations and we understand. Change of life situation? Moving overseas for work? Loss of employment? Unexpected illness? Please contact us and we’ll make sure camp still happens for your camper.

Clergy, Christian Educator, Ministry Discount

  • We have a special rate for those serving in these positions. Please call or email the camp office and we’ll give you the code to enter when you register online.


  • Applications are received on a rolling basis; the earlier they are received, the better your chances are to receive financial help. Please print this application and mail it in with the appropriate paperwork.

Donate to Campership Fund

  • If you are able to help send another camper, please give now. We want to see kids in the cabins- not on the waiting list!