Leadership Opportunities

Why Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake?

Leadership OpportunitiesSince 1925, Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake, a ministry of Westminster Church of Detroit, has been defining experiences designed to encourage persons to hear, respond, and develop as leaders called to inspire and lead others in lives of love. According to The Presbyterian Panel, the most common setting for a singular spiritual growth experience is a camp, followed by a retreat.  God has often chosen to use retreats, revivals, pilgrimages and even the “wilderness” to inspire, call, instruct, and/or renew people for service.

  • Our environment is the perfect place to grow leaders! We have experienced educators who mentor campers and staff to help nurture their leadership skills. It is a safe place where everyone is encouraged to try new things.
  • We understand the importance of growing leaders- not just to serve as future counselors, but to serve their communities and beyond: in churches, schools, governing bodies, non-profit and for-profit companies (large and small) and so much more.
  • Leadership is crucial for working together with others, dreaming ideas and carrying through to accomplish them. We believe each camper has potential as a leader in some manner and we seek to encourage and develop that potential through the summer camp program.