Westminster on the Road

Westminster on the Road (WOTR) is a weeklong unique blend of outdoor ministries and congregational ministry. It is a joint effort between Camp Westminster on Higgins Lake and the congregation. Westminster on the Road is designed for children who have completed grades 1-6. Camp Westminster will provide programming (staff, art supplies, game equipment, curriculum resources, and miscellaneous stories and activities) and the congregation will provide support services, promotion of the program, and involvement in the program as arranged between the camp director and the congregation’s coordinator.

Contact us with any questions or to submit an inquiry for your week.

Day to Day

Each day will start with a staff devotion time for WOTR staff as well as congregation volunteers. Following check in we will begin with a time of morning watch to introduce the day’s bible verse. After morning watch, there will be two activity sessions that may vary from day to day. These sessions will include arts and crafts, nature, adventure, and music and drama.

Following the first two activity sessions will be a small snack break before the third session of the day. After the third session comes Bible Quest, this is a time for campers to sing songs, hear the bible verse again, see a skit, and break off into smaller groups to discuss that day’s theme and verse. Next after bible quest will be lunch followed by a time to unwind for both campers and counselors/volunteers. Campers are encouraged to read a book or magazine, do a puzzle, or write in a journal. Then, choose-its will begin. Choose-it time activities may change from day to day and this is an opportunity for campers to pick from activities offered by the counselors/volunteers and decide what they want to do that day. After small group choose-its are finished, everyone will come back together for a fun “all camp” activity. Before the conclusion of the day there will be one more short snack time and then our “campfire” for the day. At campfire check-in we will sing favorite camp songs and have a few more skits before closing the day with our verse and theme again.


Westminster on the Road will provide all programming materials such as arts and craft supplies, music, and other curriculum. Westminster on the Road will also provide three (3) staff members, suitable for 40 children. If more children than this sign up an additional staff person from Westminster will be necessary and Westminster will need to know this in advance. We ask that the church provide volunteers to act as counselors. We also ask that the families provide a packed lunch for their children or volunteers make lunch for the children (and staff) as well as two healthy snacks and drinks a day for both the children and the volunteers/staff. Depending on the location of the church in distance from the camp additional accommodations may be required for the Camp Westminster staff including lodging and breakfast/dinner.