What We Do Best

Compelling Reasons Why Every Kid Needs a Week of Camp!

hug(Some activities are age-appropriate and your camper may not be eligible. Please note that both boys AND girls are encouraged to try everything- we do not differentiate by gender!)

  • Provide space for quiet
  • Listen to each other
  • Recycle and learn how to care for creation
  • Teach responsibility through capers, washing hands, taking care of personal belongings, helping the community
  • Help kids learn outdoor skills: paddling a canoe, building a fire, putting together a shelter, identifying basic nature specimens
  • Read the Bible
  • Participate in swim lessons (in addition to playing in the lake)
  • Write home at least once while at camp: address an envelope, share thoughts, put the stamp on and put it in the mailbox
  • Do acts of kindness and compassion for others: help one another clear the table, make a bed or tie a shoe
  • Enhance reading skills: read songbooks, stories at night, the Bible
  • Leadership, leadership, leadership! Be a waiter at a meal, lead songs, give the meal’s announcements, do a skit in front of peers, lead worship in the outdoor chapel, make a decision for the cabin group.

What else is important about the program at Camp Westminster?

  • We are accredited by ACA- this is important! See what this means.
  • We believe in inclusion: any ethnicity, gender or age can participate.
  • We have core values. Read our mission. (It is very short- we promise!)

Have you read the FAQs page?

Visit the summer camp activities page and see a typical daily schedule!